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Unripe plantain pottage

What's your take on unripe plantain pottage? Yummy ūüėčūüėčūüėč or not? Do you know that unripe plantain is more healthy to ripe plantain and it contains lower calories??? Unripe Plantain Pottage is a yummy Nigerian plantain pottage recipe. Traditionally, Plantain pottage can be prepared using ripe, unripe or semi ripe plantain. Unripe plantains are known... Continue Reading →

Ghana Cuisine: Waakye

Happy new year everyone, so I travelled early this year to Accra and guess what? I so love their food excluding their jollof rice ūüėõ. Diplomat Akwasi had always wanted me to blog about the Ghanaian Cuisine tho. Waakye or Waache, as pronounced depending on which tribe one originates from in Ghana. Waakye originated with... Continue Reading →


Hey guys! its been a long break right? School schedule had been tight. Growing up I'm a hard-die fan of pastries most especially cake and muffins but why do stuck myself up with flour that has high carbs and glucose??? when there's banana muffin with¬†326 Calories per 100g.¬† So my aunt was almost late to... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, I‚Äôm not writing on food or drink today but talk about health. When it comes to putting your health first, sleep should be right up there with healthy eating and exercise. I value a good night‚Äôs sleep just as much as other the aspects of my healthy lifestyle. I feel extremely fortunate that... Continue Reading →


Oats are up there with the healthiest grains in the world, and they have so many health benefits. Majority of us are used to the random oat meal we take with milk and sugar right? Why not try the swallow form? Why should I take oat meals instead of Eko (solid pap)? Oats are¬†gluten-free Oats... Continue Reading →

veggie sauce

This is my favourite vegetable sauce. It's quick, it's easy and it's delicious! It's the perfect match for boiled white rice. Take a break from fried tomato stew and try the Mixed Vegetables Sauce today. Ingredients These are my favourite combination of vegetables to use but feel free to remove some of them and add... Continue Reading →


So this is me doing my job as a real ¬†food critic, I know that people love the negative reviews and that it's more fun to read and write about the bad meals than the good ones. So I'm here with what you expect of me as a food critic. Where restaurant criticism is concerned... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, so myself and my friend, Ayo, sat down and thought of this amazing recipe on Friday since we had cooked this the previous week. Growing up, my family believes that all people, regardless of age, size, and fitness level, have the power to transform their lives, they just need the resources and dedication... Continue Reading →


Oh yea!!! A¬†soda drink¬†is a¬†drink¬†that typically contains¬†carbonated water, a¬†sweetener, and a natural or artificial¬†flavoring. The sweetener may be¬†sugar,¬†high-fructose corn syrup, fruit juice,¬†sugar substitutes¬†(in the case of¬†diet drinks), or some combination of these. Soda drinks may also contain¬†caffeine,¬†coloring,¬†preservatives, and other ingredients. Do you drink soda? How often do you drink it? So growing up, I was... Continue Reading →

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